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Ladders, Stairs, Pits, and Platforms Whitepaper Cover

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Ladders, Stairs, Pits, and Platforms: Protect workers and stay in compliance!

Ladders, Stairs, Pits, and Platforms Whitepaper Cover

Employers have been understandably confused about OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces regulations. Requirements for things like stairs or ladders appear in multiple sections, yet employers won’t find definitions for key phrases, and OSHA is still working to update the standards with clarifications.

This whitepaper addresses commonly asked questions about ladders, stairs, pits, and platforms, covering topics such as:

  • How OSHA determines the length of a fixed ladder
  • OSHA’s grandfather provision for existing stairways
  • Vehicle maintenance pit safety requirements
  • Fall protection requirements from platforms and edges
  • And more

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