Discover the Potential ROI with the J. J. Keller® SAFETY MANAGEMENT SUITE

An all-in-one resource with near-limitless applications, the J. J. Keller® SAFETY MANAGEMENT SUITE eliminates the need for costly services and uncompromising solutions with limited functionality.

Use the ROI calculator below to see how investing in our newest solution can pay off big in no time flat.

Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Using this tool will help you understand how investing in the J. J. Keller® SAFETY MANAGEMENT SUITE affects your company's safety budget. Simply replace the sample numbers below with the most recent data you have (steps 1-3) and press calculate.

1. Enter last year's results:


Safety Management Suite investment as % of total budget:
On average, each incident you prevent will save you:
Prevented incidents needed to recover your investment:

*ROI example is for a Professional Edition subscription. Other subscription options are available. Discounts for multi-year terms and multi-seat subscriptions are also available and may improve your ROI numbers. Ask your sales rep for details.

Written Safety Plans

Potential Savings:

  • Time - 100’s of hours
  • Software for developing written plans - $99 per plan

Instructor-Led Training

Potential Savings:

  • Onsite instructors - $1,000 per day +
  • Training material - $100 to $1,000
  • Time – 100’s of hours

Online Training

Potential Savings:

  • 50 courses = $250 savings
  • 150 courses = $750 savings
  • 500 courses = $2,500 saving


Potential Savings:

  • Training recordkeeping software - $500+
  • Injury & Illness/Workers’ Comp tracking software - $500+
  • Chemical Recordkeeping service - $499 + /yearTime - 100’s of hours
  • Software for developing written plans - $99 per plan

SDS Management

Potential Savings:

  • SDS search and management service - $499 + /year

Regulatory / Compliance Information Services

Potential Savings:

  • Online topic libraries - $500+ per year

Expert Help

Potential Savings:

  • Hourly rates for similar services vary from $150 - $350+

Consulting Fees

Potential Savings:

  • Consulting Fees - $500 - $10,000 (depending on size and scope of project)