Target lockout/tagout refresher training where it’s needed

Date Posted: 11/30/2020
Lockout Tagout Training

You’ve delivered lockout/tagout training for your authorized employees on all of the standard’s requirements. The authorized employees completed that initial training knowing everything they need to know about:

  • Recognizing applicable hazardous energy sources.
  • The type and magnitude of the energy available in the workplace.
  • The methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control.
  • Tagout system limitations.
  • How to use your written lockout/tagout procedures.

When it’s time for refresher training, you have an opportunity to improve the program. Retraining is required when there’s a change in the job, equipment, or process; or when a periodic inspection reveals a problem.

Eliminate confusion

Ask the authorized employees if they are unsure about any parts of the procedures for any of the machines or equipment they service. Conduct the training session at the machine and ask the mechanics show you where the procedure is unclear. If needed, call in an expert (electrician, engineer, etc.) if the questions are more than the training group can handle. As necessary, revise the written procedure until it’s easier to understand.

Verify the written procedures

Mechanics and maintenance teams can work on dozens of machines, and each machine may have its own unique, descriptive lockout/tagout procedure. But do the mechanics actually read and follow the procedures for each machine? Or do they just “know what to do” from experience? Could others follow the procedures as written?

For lockout/tagout refresher training, work with your authorized employees to go through the details of the procedures.

Be user-friendly

Emphasize that you want the written procedures to be accurate and easy to use. If experienced mechanics think the procedure is hard to follow, you want to correct those issues before contractors or new employees use the procedure. Be open to suggestions for adding illustrations or changing the format of the written procedures. Would labels on the machine help?

Getting authorized employees involved in reviews of lockout/tagout procedures leverages their expertise and experience. Complete and accurate procedures not only keep your company in compliance, but help keep your employees safe.

How Safety Management Suite Can Help

The lockout/tagout standard requires training employees, as do many other OSHA regulations. It does not require refresher training at regular intervals, but does require retraining under some conditions. Many other rules have similar provisions. With our OSHA General Industry Training at a Glance chart, you can quickly determine which regulations include training provisions and see an overview of the requirements.

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