Celebrating EHS successes all year long

Date Posted: 01/03/2022

Celebrating EHS successesThis time of year, holiday and new year celebrations can serve as a reminder to keep EHS program celebrations going all year long. Your company most likely examines performance over the previous year and considers changes for the coming year. Increasing recognition for EHS successes doesn’t have to be expensive.

Focusing on day-to-day operations can sometimes get overwhelming but taking time out to acknowledge “wins” is important. Consistent recognition demonstrates to employees that their efforts are appreciated all year round. Establish a program that celebrates all sorts of successes in your EHS program, including:

  • When the organization meets improvement and reduction goals,
  • Individuals who demonstrate engagement and participation,
  • Efforts to report and correct EHS incidents, and
  • Team efforts to identify or reduce safety and environmental risks.

Like holiday giving, it can be challenging to provide recognition while being budget friendly, but it isn’t impossible. Consider the following options:

  • Provide recognition in staff meetings, newsletters, on reader boards, or through other company communications.
  • Print and present a certificate of recognition.
  • Enter those who earn acknowledgment into a monthly or quarterly drawing for a single prize, rather than an award for each person.
  • Give company “swag” or gear that may already be on-hand from past events.
  • Instead of large luncheons, bring in a smaller food items for the group to share - provide donuts for the morning toolbox chat or cookies as lunchtime dessert.
  • Give gift cards for vendors that make sense to be in smaller dollars amounts. For example, gift cards to a favorite local coffee shop, the company cafeteria or café, an ice cream shop, or a sandwich shop can be just enough money for one or two visits.

As we ring in the New Year, use the festivities as inspiration to continue EHS celebrations throughout 2022.


How Safety Management Suite Can Help

Incident Tracking

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